June 2017


*Foofs Aggressively* Yeah, that’s a foofy raven. All foofin’. Ridin’ around on Thorin’s shoulder and floofy-foofin’ at any elves she sees. While I was eating breakfast this morning I also wrote a Bagginshield fic that features this raven.

Just sort of mucking about with different ways to ink and colour and trying out  different brushes. The original pencil sketch was from 2016 and is one of my first attempts at drawing Thorin. (Which is why it was never properly finished off. First efforts are always a bit embarrassing. XD) This is just a screen shot of the upper-right corner of the full sketch.

Hairless Feet! Frodo was just hanging out with his uncle’s friend when he decided to dangle his feet in the water to cool off. (You won’t catch him going in more than that! He’s a bit scared of water.) Dwalin joins him, anticipating his surprise when Frodo sees his bare feet… He remembers Bilbo’s reaction!

Frodo is wondering if Dwalin hasn’t got hair on his feet for the same reason he hasn’t got hair on his head!

I’m trying to up my game by doing more than just single characters! I seriously need to watch more Bob Ross on Netflix for landscapes/backgrounds. XD 

Omnomnom. I thought I’d doodle a character from a series of short stories I’m working on to see if it helps me nail down the character.

Crappy pencil and crappy paper to match how crappy I’m feeling. XD 

Gifts From a Dwarven King. Colouring this was totally self-indulgent but I don’t care! Thranduil isn’t so certain about this ‘dwarf aesthetic’ he has agreed to be dressed in. XD Or… maybe he is sure of it and that is why there’s a bit of a blush across his cheeks? Here are the pencils if you’d like to compare.

I have so much to learn still about digital painting. As in, anything. I’m still just doing cell-shading but I had fun taking a stab at colouring this piece! If nothing else, it was excellent inking practice! I’m starting to really feel comfortable with a tablet.

Growlithe, I choose you! Pokémon Go is having a Fire and Ice event right now so I finally am catching growlithes! Then I started wondering what sort of pokémon the hobbit characters would have… and had to draw Thorin with a growlithe!

Why a fire-type? Because as much as dwarves work the earth, they have a natural affinity for fire in Tolkein’s world and Thorin, in my mind, is very much affiliated with fire. The fire of passion, temper, battle… and of course, the flame that burns twice as bright burns half as long. *weeps*

As for other pokémon pairings (which I hope i get time to draw! omg. I want to draw moar of these!):

What pokémon do you think various characters should pair up with? I’m so curious! If you draw/write/come up with more hobbit pokemon au stuff drop me an ask or ‘at’ me on your post! I am so in love with this and I’d love to see what other people think!

Captain of the Erebor Ravens. Pink background because why not? I finally took a pass at adding ink and colour to this picture! I’m still having fun with this AU verse.

Unless I miscounted, this is the 25th art post I’ve made since I started! I’m pretty proud of myself. That is more art than I have posted in the past six years! 

Other hockey AU pics include:

It’s getting easier to ‘ink’ using Photoshop. I’m really getting used to the tablet and pretty soon I may even try *gasp* drawing directly in Photoshop instead of drawing with pencil on paper and scanning it. I dunno.. I do like working off-line. I spend so much time on a computer it’s nice to step away from a screen.

How you doin’? More for that hockey AU verse I’ve been doodling in! Before Thranduil played hockey, his father made him take up the traditionally elven sport of figure skating. (It had been all the rage in Valinor! Hockey is strictly a Middle Earth game. Probably started by the Noldor.)

Maedhros and Maglor, trying to raise Elrond and Elros ‘correctly’ by elven standards had enrolled the twins in figure skating. If Fëanor had been alive, he would’ve benched both of their butts for not pushing the boys into hockey but, by that time, Maedhros and Maglor were sick to death of their father’s #hockeylife and his obsession with winning back the Simaril Cup the boys were spared. (At least, until Elros saw his first hockey game and begged them for months until they finally relented and let them play.)

Anyhow, Elros probably wanted out of figure skating because Elrond kept flirting outrageously with Thranduil, SILVER KING OF ICE, who at the time was an arrogant (sekritly shy af), enigmatic prince with an overbearing parent’s expectations to live up to off the ice and a ticking time bomb of unrealized eros on the ice!

Elrond always had liked puzzles. >:D

Like I needed an excuse or a backstory to draw elves ice dancing?! 

Drawn with a regular HB pencil on scrap copy paper. Such ignoble materials to draw immortal future lords but, hey, I feel Elrond at least would appreciate the humbleness?

Wonder Dis! Wonder Woman is out in theatres and I do so love drawing her but I am still in Middle-Earth-mode so, I decided to draw Princess Dis dressed up in the dwarven equivalent of Wonder Woman’s iconic outfit! :D

Pencils were drawing with a 0.3mm mechanical Pentel pencil on Paris Bleedproof paper. Inked and coloured in Photoshop.

We are the grumpy gems! I’ve been watching a lot of Steven Universe lately and I wanted to try drawing some Hobbit characters inspired by the Steven Universe animation style!

Nothing new for how I made these pictures! I used a 0.3mm mechanical pencil on Paris Bleed-proof paper. I drew too lightly the first time and had to retrace with darker lines to scan these pics. I also decided to throw in my own stylistic touches here and there. These pics are just inspired by the Steven Universe animation style and not meant to be hella accurate copies.