September 2017

This is the first Moosefrog I ever drew. It was on the whiteboard in my little area of the office. XD 

Hobo Chic. Maglor wandering MIddle-Earth steeped in melancholy and regret. Drawn for @minstrelmaglor. He cuts his hair with a knife. Sometimes kind folk donate clothing to him and he wears it but doesn’t look after it until, once again, he’s clothed in artful tatters.

The thing is? This hot-ass, kin-slaying, golden-voiced elf is from Valinor and he can make anything look good. He doesn’t mean to be so attractive and stylish, it just happens!

It’s just so exhausting. XD


Bilbo of Erebor. Pencils are here! He was fussy about his jacket. It had to be a green velvet jacket but not one of those greens that is so deep it is nearly black. Not a green that hides in the shadows, he wanted a green that brings to mind summer days and mint bonbons. It was a challenge for the tailor but that wasn’t the end of things… for Bilbo ALSO wanted a floral patterned lining. They had to send away to the Shire for a bolt of cloth. Well, several, actually, but it wasn’t time and money ill-spent for Bilbo started a bit of a trend among the dandier dwarves and before Bilbo could commission more clothes with the floral cloth it had all been bought up! Bilbo’s finding he has to put a bit of effort in to out-do his dwarven admirers! Er, not that it’s a competition, of course. Except it totally is! A teeny little bit.

Cell shading in Photoshop this time. I futzed about with so many colour combinations and I hope it didn’t turn out too Christmassy. XD Originally I had quite a bit of pink, then purples, and settled back on that lovely red of his velvet jacket from the movies. Bilbo also turned out quite pale but let’s pretend it’s because he’s been living in a mountain and hasn’t been out of doors as much as when he was younger. 

Also, true story, I tried to get fancy lining put in an old leather jacket and the seamstress flat out refused to do it, claiming it made no sense to put flimsy fancy lining in when a good solid lining was needed. I argued that her lining selection did NOT include peacock blue or teal which were my choices so she told me to leave. I wound up turning the fancy lining into curtains for my office. The leather jacket is hanging in my closet, still without a lining.

I wasn’t well enough to do new art for Bilbo’s birthday so how about a reblog of a very fine looking Bilbo decked out his in dwarven duds? Perhaps he’s considering who will get what present?

Froggy Eyes. Ha! Betchy’all didn’t think I was srs?! I couldn’t get froggy-eyed Hobbit peeps out of my head so I doodled some more but this time in my official sketch book instead of on a pad of paper during a meeting.

1. Balin strikes me as a bit of a worrier. When I drew this, I imagined it being after Thorin and Dwalin had gone off together to ‘get supplies’ which usually means they get into trouble together. He’s just waiting for word to get back to him.

2. Thorin caught Kili playing with an elf doll!! I don’t imagine dwarves much care if their kids play with dolls are not but an ELF doll? IN THIS HOUSE? >:( Thorin wouldn’t be down with that. Also, I like to think of bbKili in pigtails.

3. Bilbo falling to his knees WRRRYYYY is something I like to imagine him doing. Dwarves using the good china. Dwarves eating all of his pantry. Dwarves rushing into battle. Dwarves. So many opportunities for him to do this!

4. omg. bbFrodo with so. Much. Hair. Because Thorin keeps hoping it will grow long enough to braid, dwarf-style. Bilbo knows it’s more likely to grow poofier than braidier and they argue all the time about cutting it. Then one day, bbFrodo cuts it all off with a pair of scissors and makes a mess of it. Bilbo and Thorin feel horribly guilty when bbFrodo said he did it so they’d stop fighting and it’s HIS HAIR ANYWAYS! bbHobbits in overalls and nothing else are probably the cutest things in the world. I also like to imagine that hobbit and elf children have floppy ears for the first few years then they get stiff as they age.

My new art style. Fight me.

Shadow Hobbit. So I’ve been playing Breath of the Wild and the moment I saw a Kakariko villager I knew I would be drawing Bilbo as a Sheikah.

Have you heard the legend of the "Shadow Folk”? They are the Sheikah…the shadows of the Hylians. They say they swore allegiance to the King of Hyrule and guarded the Royal Family…“— Shikashi

Ahhh! I am in love with the idea of hobbits being Sheikah, the quiet ninja/guardians that go about their daily lives being all agrarian but have a secret history of guarding royal families.

Bilbo may not look like much but he’s one of the sneakier Sheikah and definitely the sort of fellow you’d want on your adventure to reclaim Hyrule Erebor from Calamity Smaug.

He can also cook up amazing dishes to help protect your party!

Everywhere I look I see Hobbit AUs! I guess that’s my thing? *looks back over the posts made this year* Yup. Definitely a thing I like to do. The process of making this was routine/boring. Pencil, scan, ink and colour in Photoshop. I need to change it up or something.

Hi! For your Thursday draw, I would suggest: 3, B, Bofur & Nori. :-)

Oooh! Fun! I’ve never drawing either of them, really! (Does Nori the starfish count?)

This is the pose requested:


And here is my take on it using Bofur and Nori! I was imagining them finding each other in the dark, thinking the other was someone else, and being surprised when they realize who they’d been kissing!


HAHA OMG! And because it was early in the morning when I was drawing this stuff, here is BIFUR and Nori because APPARENTLY I CANNOT READ! I drew Bifur first then altered the pic to be Bofur instead.


How did I take Bifur and Nori and make it Bofur and Nori using only traditional media? I dug out my lightbox!


(Don’t judge my chaotic desk! XD)

This is the most overtly shippy thing I’ve posted to this blog to date. XD I’m still not 1000% sure I got the back of Nori’s hair style correct. I’m sorry if I got it wrong! 

Teeny Tiny Dinner. It isn’t so much that Thorin is rude it’s just that the idea of a napkin being a family keepsake is very foreign to him. When you’re teeny tiny your boots are very precious! It isn’t as if any old cobbler could make you a new pair and if you take them off and put them at the front door there’s a very good chance they’ll be carried off by mice!

Once is quite enough to go hunting mice in your stockinged feet. Thank you very much.

Part 1 - Part 2

Bwahahaha! I am enjoying creating these teeny tiny Thorin comics so much! I don’t know if it’s clear but in the second panel, Thorin is kicking a scone in half. And in the last panel, he is wiping his feet on the napkin. XD 

Hi! A possible suggestion for Teeny Tiny: Bilbo giving Thorin an earful of hobbit sass. :-)

Hobbit sass is my favourite type of sass! I mean, Thorin’s a bit… well, Bilbo’s just so… cute? It’s hard to take him seriously when he gets all worked up like this! But because Thorin is a good king he tries his best to take Bilbo seriously. 

Trevor Riot. My long-time friend @joasakura asked for Trevor Belmont, from Netflix’s Castlevania and somehow putting him in Ashley Riot’s iconic assless-chaps-shorts became the goal. Trust Trevor to make Riot’s shorts even more extra than the original! -_-’

I feel Trevor would wear these to get back at Alucard for wearing pants with a waistline he has to manscape to be publicly acceptable in.

Regular HB pencil on Paris Bleedproof paper. I, um, sort of took liberties with Trevor’s butt. I also put him in the classic strong female character pose for maximum empowerment! XD 

teeny-tiny ideas: ori & writing implements, fili, kili and/or kid!frodo vs. bilbo's sewing box, bombur + vase of punch/soup at elrond's (like the fountain scene), kid!elves vs thrandy's wine/hairbrush, teeny dwarves vs. tiny smaug in the hoard. for black sails: teeny flint strolling across a chart plotting ship's course, pocket silver. teeny thomas with actual!witch miranda (like the kitty verse but she shrunk him instead turning him into a kitten to smuggle him out), teeny teach.

So many good ideas! I drew the first one that captured my imagination!


X marks the spot. I really liked the prompt for Flint strolling across a chart but because I’m lazy I drew him doing a stereotypical pirate map. I like to think he’s going through all of this effort to make a decoy map for idiots. It’s hard to tell but the paperweight is a rock with a fossil in it. It seemed like the sort of thing Flint might have hanging around.

I used a reference for his inkwell and quill! 


I actually inherited an inkwell and a real feather quill! I simplified the inkwell for the sketch but thought you might like to see a photo of the one I used as reference.

Teeny tiny Bilbo with a cookie for scale!

Late night snack. Bilbo likes to have a snack before bed but he may have bitten off more than he can chew! (I drew peanut butter cookies even tho I know peanuts weren’t around the Shire. XD I just like the criss-cross pattern you make with a fork on top!)

Teeny Tiny Requests!

Sloooowly making progress on the next Teeny Tiny Thorin comic. If my brain could please stop hurting that’d be super, thx. (Headaches/migraines are the bane of my existence!)

Do you have any teeny tiny Thorin requests?! Maybe teeny tiny Bilbo? At this point, I’m just trying to get some practice in on the scale of teeny tiny characters but my brain is preventing me from coming up with any doodle ideas.

Teeny Tiny Black Sails?! :O 

Drop me an ask with your teeny tiny request and I’ll see what I can do! :D

BFFs. I went on at length about my headcanon for this picture over here. If you look at the actual timeline Dwalin wasn’t even born until after Erebor had fallen to Smaug so he and Thorin weren’t the same age. I’m cool going either movie (where they appear to be of similar ages) or book (where Thorin is a generation ahead of Dwalin) but for this picture, they grew up together.

FYI? Dwalin has allllwaaaaays been much cooler than his nerdy cousin Thorin. Always. I cannot be shook from this stance. XD Their parents might still be making clothing choices for them but the boys are the ones picking out what to wear. Dwalin isn’t afraid to modify his sweater but Thorin would never dare to rip or cut up his clothes like that.

Their intense friendship also meant they: have the same earcuff, matching jade pendants, and they’re both doing side-braids in the same way. I’ve always thought it was cute when best friends emulate each other like that.

I really wanted to use bright colours and saturated hues for this picture! I like to imagine Dwarves, like humans, dressing their kids in bright fun colours! Plus, with a couple of trouble-makers like Thorin and Dwalin it’s best to dress them in bright, NOTICEABLE colours so you an catch them sneaking off.