December 2017

First off, thank you to everyone who has liked or reblogged my art this year! I started in April and posted twice a week, every week, until sometime this fall! In 2017 I created more fanart than I had done in the ten years prior! So, thank you, for encouraging me to keep going.

I couldn’t possibly include all of the art I created this year in my summary so I picked twelve of my favourite, non-sketch Hobbit pieces (and it was hard to pick!):

01. Captain of the Erebor Ravens 02. thorin_dramatic_pose.psd 03. Bilbo of Erebor 04. Flower Crown 05. Treat or Treat! 06. Bilbo’s had enough of your nonsense 07. Grump 08. Mirkwood’s #1 Trainer 09. Teeny Tiny Thorin Comics 10. What if Hobbits were potato people? 11. Gifts from a Dwarven King 12. Train Them With Love

I’m not 100% sure what I’ll be doing for 2018 or in what fandom(s). The Hobbit was a lot of fun but my takes on the characters/subject matter didn’t seem to resonate with very many people. Or maybe there aren’t a lot of people who like AUs in The Hobbit fandom? (Considering 90% of what I create is AU… Haha Imma never stop!) Or… maybe I just need to up my art game which is totally valid! I found that after a few weeks of producing work I quickly settled into an ‘art rut’ that I never managed to break out of.

I’ll figure it out eventually but in the meantime I think I’ll be concentrating on learning new art techniques, experimenting more, and maybe posting less ‘finished’ works and more of my art struggles and sketches in 2018.

Thank you, again. I feel so accomplished and satisfied this year! I almost feel like I am a creative person, again.

Year in review template from yorunaka on Deviant Art. According to Google. XD


The Perfect Gift over on AO3
Pairing: Dwalin/Thorin
Rating: Gen
Summary: Thorin has a surprise for Dwalin! Too bad it isn’t quite what Dwalin had wanted. Dwalin dwarfs up and tells Thorin exactly what he wants.

Happy belated birthday @medusinestories! XDDD

Divide. I can’t imagine these two never having an argument even if they get their happily ever after! They may bluster and wave their arms around but after a cooling off period there will be apologies. ^_^

I’ve been art-blocked lately so I took a peek at the Inktober prompt list and saw ‘divide’ which got me drawing this! I also tried a new brush and went with grey lineart instead of black.


My friend @moosefrog wrote a fic called Three Jameses and Billy’s Nipples which became an instant classic in my cracky mind. I had some fun reading it aloud, and she had some fun reading my, er, “story”, My Immortal Captain. Yes we’re bringing the crack to the Black Sails fandom, sorry. XD (do people still say “crack” or is that so 2005?)

And yeah I tried to read it Seriously. Because Billy’s Nipples are a very serious subject matter.

Eeee! I love how you handled the different spellings of ‘Billy’s nipples’ aurally! I could hear the different spellings!

The lovely @medusinestories wrote a fic called My Immortal Captain. I wrote a fic called Three Jameses and Billy’s Nipples. Last night, we decided to read each other’s crack-fics aloud and record them! XD

I’ve a bit of a cold so my voice is scratchy and phlegmy but I tried to make it work!

Edit: Er, language warning! The F-bomb is dropped a couple of times.