January 2018

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From a Dworin fic I’m working on. The working title is, Snuggles in the Snow, because I am (not) excellent at making up titles.

The candlelight softened the harshness of the bruises and cuts on Thorin’s face and made them look like shadows.

I tag… @joasakura @tea-blitz @amagifu Oh man, if you’ve got something you’re working on, consider yourself tagged! :D

Just slapping some colour around. I’m not sure I’ll be able to get posts out this week because I’ve decided to tackle an ambitious painting! It’s for @mystrade-valentines, so it won’t get posted until February, but I’m starting early to make sure it is done on time.

Here’s a teeny little progress shot of a painting that appears in the background of my painting. Meta much?

The shot on the left is my initial flat colour. I’ve been finding it helpful when I begin a painting to lay down rough chunks of colour approximating the figures/layouts/clothes etc. It’s been helping me check proportions and because it’s just quickly slapped down colour I don’t feel married to it should I have to make big changes.

The shot on the right is just over half-way done. Honestly, a quarter of the painting will be covered up so I don’t know why I bothered painting the whole thing?

I’m using a screen cap for reference for the background and the figure is a combination of photos for reference.

Elrond the Herald. Inspired by this post! Which I think someone had reblogged with a tag saying they could see Elrond wearing it. (IF THAT WAS YOU WHO REBLOGGED IT PLEASE HIT ME UP WITH THE LINK TO YOUR POST PLEASE! SO I CAN GIVE YOU CREDIT!)

Anyhow, Elrond when he was herald for Gil-galad! Man, those second age fashions sure were something, huh?

Painting is so hard, especially without line art! I used Photoshop and a couple of Kyle’s brushes: Oil detail brush 30px and the Oil lush brushes mostly. My second digital painting of 2018 and, really, ever. XD The only reference I used was the headless mannequin and puzzling over photos of Elrond’s head. There’s no way I could paint Hugh’s face accurately so I tried to just use some of the more defining features and hand-wave the rest.

If you have any good painting tutorials please send them my way!

Bonus gif under the cut!


The funniest part, for me, is when I suddenly migrate his eye more towards the centre of his face. XD

PAINTING IS HARD! Especially when you don’t use line art. Boots and legs are starting to take shape. I’m slowly working my way up the body because I know the face is going to have me tearing my hair out.

Painting all on one layer, again, like a n00b. But it’s sort of working for me to think of my layer as my canvas just like if I were painting IRL.

Sea Slug AU. So, I was chatting with @medusinestories and this happened. If you’re not cool with sexy sea slug pirate adventures then you’re not cool with me. I sort of feel like this is what Black Sails would’ve been in the Spongebob Squarepants universe.


Squishy Silver. Okay, so my John Silver turned out squishy compared to the photo on the left. And he looks a bit angry, too. Maybe judgey? Disappointed? Thoughtful?

Confession: I don’t actually know how to paint but I’m learning! It’s just a matter of light and shadow and colour right? Right?!

I watch Bob Ross on Netflix.