February 2018


Valentine’s Ambush

by @theopoiesis

There’s a dinner and some romance. Neither of them had quite expected it. Anthea, as always, is to blame.

[M-rated; 3169 words]



by @spookster831

It’s the first Valentine’s Day after Sherrinford.

[G-rated; 1300 words]


Art: Valentine Surprise by @moosefrog

Big thanks go to Moose Frog for our second fantastic piece of calendar artwork. We’ve popped this under a cut, in case you work somewhere that  doesn’t approve of surprises. ;)

It wasn’t unusual for Mycroft to send a car for Greg when he came off shift. What was unusual was what awaited him at the Diogenes Club. Greg found he didn’t mind… unusual.

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Huzzah! The painting I worked on in January is now out in the wild! (And hidden behind a cut because it is a bit naughty.) This is the third digital painting I’ve completed this year and I hope to keep making more!