July 2018

Hmph! What Bilbo is harrumphing at is anyone’s guess but he’s definitely judging someone. He’s on his way to market, if that empty canvas bag is any indication, and he’s wearing his market-best including a shiny yellow ribbon on his tail. It’s a fine spring morning and Bilbo will recover his good mood as soon as he gets his hands on some fresh-made oatcakes!

I wanted to draw centaurs. And Bilbo. And then I was thinking, well, if a traditional centaur is half-man and half-horse then a hobbit, being of the race of man, would be half-hobbit and half-miniature pony! The research for miniature ponies was ~delightful~!

For the record (and upcoming sketches) dwarves are half-goat and elves are half-deer!

Drawn on an iPad Pro with an Apple pencil using ProCreate.

Tentacle Makeouts. This illustration was inspired by Stranger Things by @medusinestories ! I regret noothiiiiiiing!

I am super enjoying drawing on a screen!