August 2018

Robins are birds. Nightwing aka Dick Grayson did his time as a Robin but he’s all grown up now! Now he flips birds instead of being the bird that flips?

There’s boatloads of smoke in our air right now which has left me wheezing on the sofa and drained of energy. So much so that I was just too lazy to get up and get my stylus last night so I finger-painted, instead!

I literally made this picture by dragging my finger around on my tablet. Sorry I’m not sorry I like how it turned out. XD

Mer-Bombur. Quick doodley-doo I couldn’t get out of my head. Mer-Bombur is half pearl-scaled goldfish!

Yeah. I dunno what I’m doing anymore either.

Gotcher Loot! I… I confess I seem to have a thing for drawing cute little octopus versions of characters but this one of a wee Octo!Silver is all @medusinestories‘ fault! At least, it’s dedicated to @medusinestories. XD

Fuck that Floral Shit. Smol!Thorin (he’s too big to be teeny tiny) was totally down for a bath until Bilbo pulled out some floral (lavender) scented soap. DWARVES DO NOT SMELL LIKE FLOWERS! WEED-EATING ELVES SMELL LIKE FLOWERS! Get that weed-eater pit scrubber away from Thorin! Just bring him a rock from the garden and he can take it from there!

Bilbo: Don’t you want to smell nice, Thorin?

Thorin: Never once in my life have I thought flowers smell ‘nice’.

Bilbo: Come on, now. This is the only bathing soap I have and you must use soap to get clean!

Thorin: How about I eat that rotted bar of flower compost and crap something nice for you to smell?

Bilbo: OH!! That DOES it. You’re not getting your clothes back until you properly scrub with soap!



Ahem. So I’ve been on vacation and that means art! And… cussing. Apparently. Look, things get pretty heated around bath time. Some people want other people to smell like flowers. And other people would RATHER DIE FIRST!

And you all probably thought I was bluffing!

Dwalin the goat-centaur looking all sexyfine. I mean, he probably doesn’t know he looks sexyfine. He’s just taking a break, watching Thorin take a bleating from his nephews. Ha!

Apparently, I still don’t know how to crop images properly in Procreate. I’ll figure it out eventually. Know how this image got here? I exported it as a jpg to my dropbox. I have a Zapier zap that looks for uploads to that specific dropbox folder then moves the file to my cloudinary account and tags it for this tumblr account. I have a second zap that looks for a certain tag in my cloudinary account then uses that image to draft a new post on tumblr! Then, when I have time to actually post, I just log into Tumblr and there’s a draft post with my image on it! Tadaaaa! Technology!