November 2018

I feel pretty.

In epsiode 9 [NEIN] Jester said she has to look pretty to visit the ~fancy~ part of town and that made me want to draw her wearing lolita-inspired fashion! (The Japanese style not, um, the book.)

The final image is under the cut!

Caleb Widowgast. (And Frumpkin!)

I like to doodle when I listen to Critical Role. I’m only on episode 9. (NEIN! XD)

Sorry, not sorry.

I feel like sorry, not sorry, is something Nott says in her head a lot. XD


Just an OC that I wanted to draw. All sorts of practice in this pic; including trying to mimic a model I saw. If you’re a young fellah why would you NOT wear a fun suit? And paint your nails ‘gunmetal’?

I donno. I just worked on this so I’d feel productive whilst watching my baking show.